A weekend wrap up

Things happen so fast and furiously in this administration that it’s hard to keep up.

Let’s start with the fire in the Trump building in NYC in which a man died. He died in an apartment he couldn’t sell because… drum roll please… it was in a building with Trump’s name on it. I think that says it all without anything else needed.

Then there is the news that his personal lawyer’s office was raided by the FBI – yes, that FBI, the one he keeps trashing. Lest there be any more proof needed that the POS currently occupying the White House is meaner than a cornered junk yard dog, he has already thrown this poor man under the bus by saying that he didn’t know about the payout to the porn star. That makes perfect sense, right? Wouldn’t you lawyer pony up six figures to avert a scandal for you without ever telling you about it or expecting payback?

Let’s analyze that for a moment. By saying he knew nothing about the payout, he is indirectly admitting to his tryst with her since he doesn’t question the payout. Just says he didn’t know about it. Then let’s look at how quickly he tossed his lawyer to the curb with a crippling legal bill to follow as the attorney tries to defend himself in federal court. That has got to make some of the people working in this administration even more nervous. There is apparently no one – except of course for Ivanka whose pants he’d still like a chance to get into – who he will not throw to the wolves to save himself. He might think this is a smart strategy for keeping the legal beagles from his front door but, in fact, all it does is give his administration less and less reason to stay loyal to him. I expect they will all throw him under the bus once this entire disaster of an administration gets its day in court.

And finally, for some reason, Tiffany has unveiled an official White House portrait of herself. Huh?