The Chief Rat announces his retirement

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Paul “The Rat” Ryan has announced his retirement from Congress. Now that he’s passed that tax bill that puts America into astronomical debt but gave his corporate sponsors all they wanted in terms of increased wealth, it’s time for Paulie to retire and start collecting on all those debts now owed him by everything from the NRA to Big Pharma.

Yep, no need to worry about Paulie the Rat. He’ll soon be sharing in the billions that his tax plan gave to the wealthiest of Americans.

He joins a long chorus line of Republicans dancing their way from Congressman to lobbyist now that they’ve accomplished their only real task – make their bosses even richer and more immune to being help responsible for any damage they do to our earth while pursuing their business.

The POS currently sullying the White House said he would drain the swamp and get rid of the swamp critters that infest Congress. I didn’t realize he meant to do it by having an administration so unAmerican, so vile, so dirty, so racist, and so sexist that the swamp critters would choose to flee themselves rather than hang around for the inevitable disastrous end of this administration.

Christ – I can smell the stench from this congress and administration from here.