What is wrong… right?… with this man?

Here’s the info that should raise your eyebrows at least slightly, even in this era of Trump lowering the bar so low that ants are having trouble sneaking under.

“A $43,000 soundproof telephone booth that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt put in his office has caused federal watchdogs to speak up loudly…  The booth — which cost $24,570 itself with nearly $20,000 more in installation costs — is part of a major security upgrade that he ordered for his office that also included biometric locks and a sweep for listening devices.  Pruitt has already come under fire from critics for his 24-hour security detail and first-class travel, both of which have been justified with security concerns.”

Who the hell does he think he is? Ben Carson visiting a housing project?  Betsy DeVos visiting a school? Ivanka visiting Melania? Jared visiting anywhere?

Am I the only one old enough to picture Get Smart’s cone of silence every time I hear the words soundproof telephone booth. And in today’s day and age what does that look like for $43,000? I know corners all over this country with phone booths that would enjoy being considered useful again and can be had for $43.

Does Pruitt sit on a little seat in the booth? Is the seat gold? Is the phone elephant ivory, bought from Don, Jr.? Does he have to put in extra nickels when his first three minutes are up? Does he have to DIAL instead of punch the numbers? Does he wear his Superman costume under his suit when he’s in there?

So many questions. So little time.

Seriously, I understand the need for a private phone booth for when his extraction industry buddies call and need him to undermine another regulation meant to save the earth for at least a few more years. But that security detail? Seriously? How many of you would have recognized this man walking down the street prior to all this publicity? Would he not look like just another white man in this administration’s cabinet? Would he have stood out in any way? As for that first class travel – well, we barely want to rub elbows with our fellow passengers and they’re more like us than he is, so you can understand his reluctance to come into contact with the common man.

This administration has consistently been screwy, embarrassing, incompetent and untrustworthy but Pruitt brings their inflated sense of self to a whole new level – and it doesn’t get much uglier.

As Pruitt and some famous person before him has been alleged to say – “Let them eat cake!”

In at least one of those instances, a revolution followed.