Ah Ronny, we hardly knew ye!

Ronny Jackson, POS’ nominee to run the VA, is in a bit of a fight due to what some might refer to as his unsavory activities such as drinking on the job and passing out pills like your street corner Dr. Feelgood.

Seriously, folks, did we need to go any further than his extremely humorous and entertaining description of POS’ health last year to raise questions about his competency, medical knowledge, ethics and general common sense. I mean, he stood there in front of cameras and microphones and actually said, with a straight fact, that POS weighed 239 pounds. I mean, c’mon folks. He actually said that without meaning to be ironic. If POS weighs 239 lb. than I weigh 110 lb. and don’t want to hear any arguments to the contrary.

Ronny said POS is in great health. If that’s true, than the medical community in general really needs to revamp its standards for a healthy lifestyle. It should now include the recommendation that fast food, little to no exercise and the constant vomiting of lies is all you need to live to be 200.

Our vets have already faced death, destruction, violence, loss of comrades and PTSD. Do they really now need to put control of their health care system into the hands of someone who was apparently picked because POS thought he looked like a Hollywood head shot of what a doctor should look like.

Quite frankly, you’d probably be better off with Dr. Kildare running the VA.