And another pig drops

I was once one of the most faithful viewers of the Cosby Show… except for one episode that I always thought was odd and creepy. It’s called Barbecue and, for those of you not up on the show, it involved a barbecue sauce that Cosby concocted that made you sleepy and apparently very sexy to those around you. There’s a scene of son-in-law Alvin caressing his wife’s neck as she leans against him with a sleepy, dreamy look on her face after ingesting the sauce. The message I got from this episode was that women apparently liked sex when they were too drugged and sleepy to say no – or, at least, that’s what Cosby found sexy.

And yes, when I saw the headline with his guilty conviction, I pumped my fist and yelled, “yes!”  Given the way his defense team tried to turn us back to the last century by blaming and shaming the victim,  his defense team should go with him. Once again the only conclusion one can reach from the defense’s closing arguments is that if a woman does not want to be raped, she should stay in her house with the doors locked, the lights off and an AR 15 loaded and ready for any male to come through the door.

You see, my friends, this is merely a continuation of the horrible responsibility that women have carried for thousands of years to somehow act sexy enough to attract a mate but understand that in so doing, they are responsible for any man who can’t control his impulses. Are your knees showing below your dress – then expect to be raped because these poor men are so sadly weak that they cannot control themselves. So a woman must do it for them. And even today in far too many places in this world, if a woman is raped by a man, she is the one punished. It was obviously her fault for tempting those poor weak men by appearing in public.

Well, no offense guys, but screw you. I control my sexual impulses. You control yours. I am responsible for my sexual impulses and you are responsible for yours. If I want to walk down the street naked, I may risk getting arrested for indecent exposure (and creating horrible nightmares in the eyes of any of the general public who saw me) but I shouldn’t risk rape. How I dress is my choice. You don’t get to decide that certain outfits are an invitation to sex whether I have ever consented or not.

Powerful men have used that power through the centuries to keep women down. But we will no longer bow to your “superior intelligence and ability to rule the world”. If you want to have sex with us, you have to ask us. Our bodies are not your domain. You are not superior to women and our ability to run the world has proven as good as yours if not better.

So yeah, I cheered when I heard his conviction. I hope he lives long enough to go to jail. I want to see him do the perp walk!