I sound more coherent on drugs!

I sound more coherent while under the influence of anesthesia or pot than the POS currently sullying the White House does when taking his morning dump while ostensibly sober.

Seriously, did you hear his incoherent ramblings on the Trump News Channel yesterday? Even they had to cut him off for fear he would continue to ramble right through lunch, assuming an aide didn’t come to take him off the toilet. More than a year after the election, this orange turd is still fixated on Hillary and how she took the popular vote. He’s still insisting he’s done nothing wrong even as his lawyer announces he will plead the fifth if asked anything about Stormy. He nominates a drunk to head the VA department because the guy was essentially willing to go on TV and try to convince the world that POS weighed 239 lb.  That might be true on some planets, but not earth.

Ever wonder what the rest of the world is thinking about all this? I’m assuming they are somewhere between high bemusement and absolute terror. High bemusement because, if he wasn’t actually president, he would be a living example of watching someone descend even further into madness. Absolute terror because this incoherent fool has access to nuclear weapons.

It’s now official. Trump scares me more than Kim Jong-un.