If I hear this argument one more time!

OK, folks – especially you, Jeffery Perry of Eagle River – listen up. I am going to walk you through the logical conclusion of your argument that gun laws are useless because people will just break them. This argument points out that despite laws against murder, rape and robbery, all those crimes still happen. Despite the laws against drugs, drugs flood our streets. So the logical conclusion to this argument is that all laws are useless because people will break them anyway. So why are we even trying to criminalize those things? Won’t make any difference, right?

Seriously, are some gun owners truly that stupid? Because if they are, they shouldn’t be allowed to carry anything more deadly than a spork.

We make laws to regulate society for the good of the whole. These laws basically define acceptable behavior in any society and the punishment that will accrue to anyone who does not follow the norm. Of course there are still people who break the law. They are punished. That’s the point. To make that specific activity – whether it’s rape or robbery – out of the bounds of acceptable behavior and punish those who transgress the law.

No one has ever claimed that reasonable gun regulations will solve the problem of crimes committed with guns. But those laws will clearly define the boundaries our society accepts for their use and ownership. Go outside those lines and you will encounter legal problems that may take your guns away. And if you broke the laws society has deemed appropriate for their use, it’s your own fault if they get taken away.

As for those screaming about the Second Amendment somehow giving them the right to own air to ground missiles, why don’t you read the whole damn Second Amendment and not just the words you want to hear. You know, read to the part about a well regulated militia and then explain to me how some bozo wearing his penis on his hip in Starbucks in anyway fits that definition. Gun owners and evangelical Christians… they only read the parts that fit their preconceived mythology. Neither truly knows what the hell they are talking about. They just spew nonsense.