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Surprising headline of the day

Under the heading of DUH!, there is the startling revelation that indeed that POS currently sullying the White House paid his lawyer back for the hush money paid to a porn star who he violated while his wife was home with their new baby. Way to go, evangelical Christians. You certainly picked the right role model for your brand of crap.

Second fun headline of the day, also under the DUH category, the Senate (including Republicans) have announced that the Russians did try to interfere with the 2016 election. Welcome to 2018, guys. Most of us have know this for a few years now.

I guess it’s officially time for the Kardashian’s to retire since all the oxygen available to support reality TV stars is being sucked up by that POS currently sullying the White House. Oh well, at least they can let their asses get as big as they want now. No one will give a damn. We’ll all be waiting for the tweet that says we are breaking all ties with our European allies and signing up with China and North Korea. Because, you know, China needs the jobs.