Abby leaves behind lots of questions

Given this is the age of Me Too, I have to wonder what really happened at NCIS that caused the Abby character to depart. Not only did she depart, but she filmed no scenes with Mark Harmon for the last year or so. Even if they were supposed to be in a scene together, they filmed on different days. That makes me wonder. Makes me wonder a lot.

Remember when Zeva left? It was so weird. One day she’s there, next day she’s resigned. And no reason was ever given. She just disappeared into silent darkness.

Can you say Non Disclosure Agreement? Because that what this is sure starting to sound like. And I am horrified at the thought that we will soon find out that Mark Harmon was either part of the problem or helped cover up the problem so his show could continue. Either way, it wouldn’t be good.

So what’s going on over at that show? Why did Zeva and Abby really leave?