The end of America’s century

We were looking pretty good for awhile. You know, after the war – and by that I mean the big one, the one we actually declared – but before the Shrub’s administration.

Oh how great life was. The richest people in America paid over 50% of their wealth in taxes and yet still had second homes and yachts. America’s working class could survive on one income. Workers had fought for and achieved benefits like health care and annual leave. Going to college didn’t involve going into a lifetime’s worth of debt. We were young. We were optimistic. We took the world by storm and spread our culture from Europe to Asia and back. Despite all else that was happening, America’s middle class was not only surviving, it was thriving.

And then things started to change. The rich got richer. The poor got poorer. Suddenly benefits were equated with privileges that the common folk didn’t necessarily deserve. The powerful started pulling back benefits to the less fortunate so they could line their fifth vacation home with golden tiles. And slowly but surely, America sank. Now we have people so rich they could afford to fund the entire budget of most third world countries.  The more they have, the less the rest of us have. Soon we will have even less as the rich and powerful pass laws that penalize poverty while pushing the poor even deeper into the morass.

And now, with that yellow POS sullying the White House, we have given up all pretense of having any real morals or ethics. He enriches himself and his family by kissing the ass of any country in which he or his family has business. He abuses women and immigrants with language that would have made our parents blush. His party sits by idly, happy that they have the power no matter what that power may be doing to America. They allow this POS to sully us all with his foul language, foul thoughts and foul actions. And still they do nothing.

Ah America. You were so young to go so soon and so quickly. But you are gone. Europe has turned its face elsewhere. China is playing us for fools on trade. And North Korea is rubbing its hands and laughing in glee at the thought of getting this idiot at the negotiating table. I full expect that before the negotiations are over, POS will have traded away Alaska, Washington State and the Northwest Territories – which admittedly aren’t ours to give away but I’m betting he doesn’t know that.

I wish our children had a better future. But then again, given the weekly school shootings, maybe we should just be grateful they have a future at all.