The earth is rebelling

A sink hole under the White House. A volcano erupting in Hawaii.  Already hurricane season in Florida. In case you don’t get it, the earth is vomiting forth its opinion of our leaders’s actions over the past year or so. Its judgement is not positive.

We have seen the POS currently sullying the White House reverse everything President Obama ever did to preserve our earth for future generations. POS is doing everything he can to kiss the ass of his extraction buddies without really giving a damn if he leaves anything but a wasteland for Eric and Don Jr. and that other kid… you know, the one whose names he has trouble remembering. No, not Ivanka. He just has to pat her ass and her name jumps immediately into his mind. No, that other kid. You know, the one from the woman whose name he misspells and the one he doesn’t send a Mother’s Day greeting to… no, no. Not Marla.

Anyhow, since he doesn’t seem to give a damn about the earth’s health, I think the earth is striking back. If I was POS, I’d be very nervous the next time I golfed. You don’t know when the earth will open up under him and swallow him whole. For the earth’s sake, I hope it acts sooner rather than later on this. I promise to buy it all the Tums it might need to complete digestion of this pig. So what do you say, earth? Do we have a deal?