There’s a hole in my heart

There’s a hole in my heart big enough to drive a semi through. Today, my little man Carm went over the Rainbow Bridge.  He’s not in pain anymore. He’s not limping. Not spitting up. Not looking dazed anymore. He’s up there with Lovey and his sister BuddhaBubba and Blue and Blondie and Mr. T and Abdul and Captain and all the wonderful animals that have so enhanced my life by their love and devotion. He running without pain and playing with joy again. He has his wings.

Saying goodbye is always hard. Since I tend to adopt older animals with possible health issues, I get to make that horrible drive to the vet a lot more often than I want. But the pain of goodbye is worth it for the joy and laughter and love they bring to me every day we share together.

So goodbye, Carm. You were very special and will be missed more that I can express. I’ll miss your warm little body in bed at night. I’ll miss that silly tongue that hung out of one side of your mouth. I’ll miss the wandering at night as you looked for a safe place to stash you favorite toy so the others couldn’t get it. I’ll miss your jumps of joy and extremely wet kisses that greeted me after an absence whether that absence was 5 minutes or 5 hours.

RIP, Carm. I will always love you.  You and BuddhaBubba – together forever now.

4 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my heart”

  1. Chris says:

    So sorry, Elise. He had the best of all dog lives with you.

  2. Mary says:

    Sorry for your loss? The last of the Titans!

  3. Dave says:


  4. Dorothy Underwood says:

    So sorry Elise; We share your pain. ♥️?♥️?♥️

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