We’re giving the world whiplash

First we’re having a summit with North Korea, then we’re not, now we are again. First we’re imposing tariffs on everyone, then we’re exempting our allies, then we’re not. First we’re building a wall that Mexico will pay for, then we’re paying for it, now they aren’t while we’re insisting they are.

We are frigging giving the world whiplash with what is happening at the uppermost echelons of our government. And whiplash is not the recommended governing style for a world with nuclear weapons. It makes everyone very nervous.

Carrying out international diplomacy by Twitter has left America in the backwash of the rest of the First World Countries… and, quite honestly, the backwash of some Second and Third World countries. They laugh at the orange ball of cheese in the White House. When they are not laughing, they are trying to figure out just how insane he is. And mostly, they are distancing themselves from us so fast you can see the dust cloud as they run away.

We are quickly becoming the world’s pariah, and not just because of the way we treat our immigrants. No, we are becoming the world’s pariah because no one trusts us to keep our word anymore, even after we’ve signed an agreement. No one trusts us to not tweet out any security secrets they might share with us for our safety. No one trusts us to be fair trading partners. No one, ultimately, any longer trusts America to keep its word, stand up for its supposed principles or be a strong partner on the international scene.

It’s kind of mind blowing, isn’t it, how we could have gone from what we were to what we’ve become in less than two years. What a total and utter disgrace we’ve let ourselves become by electing a stupid man with no ethics, integrity or actual knowledge to lead our country.  Sad.