They all share the shame

Every politician, no matter their party affiliation, who is not openly, loudly and swiftly condemning that pile of melted orange creamcicle goo currently sullying the White House as he continues to claim for himself the powers of a tyrant and dictator, is complicit in the downfall of this once great country.

While the Dems are doing their normal level of grumbling and bitching, the Rs seem content to sit quietly and pretend they don’t know POS or what he’s doing. Let me give you a hint… he’s destroying the American dream for immigrants, legal or otherwise. He’s making a mockery of our three pronged form of government by basically claiming to be above all other branches and answerable to none. He has alienated our allies. He’s caused us to lose all standing on an international level, his fake “summit” with Kim Jong Un notwithstanding. In fact, my guess is that the boy rectangle is playing him for a fool and POS is so egotistical that he will never see it. For reasons unknown to god or man he has tried to cozy up with every tyrant ruled dictatorship in the world today… oh wait, I know why. He wants to see how it’s done so he can complete the destruction of democracy in America.

So Lisa Murkowski, Don Young, Dan Sullivan… Alaska’s stalwart delegation to DC… where are your voices? Where are your cries of alarm? Where are your disavowals of this man’s attempt to destroy our government? If this was Hillary, you’d already have her impeached, indicted, convicted and serving jail time. But because he’s your little pile of orange goo, you don’t care.

Nice to know our congressional delegation doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the rapid erosion of all standards, ethics and morals in this country. You’ve got your cozy jobs, your big pensions, your guaranteed health care for life… why should you give a crap? Oh wait, that’s right. You don’t.