We have reached full tyranny

In case you thought you stilled lived in a democracy where you voted for your leaders, there was no royal privilege attached to them and they voluntarily stepped down when defeated, you are wrong. We are now living in a world ruled by tyranny in which a supposedly democratic leader has announced that he can pardon himself of any crime he commits.

So to follow through logically on that… he kills a man while walking down a street in Manhattan. Unless fed up New Yorkers take him down, he is untouchable. Find him guilty of a crime and he’ll just pardon himself. All of which makes an indictment or trial rather moot. He’ll just forgive himself when it’s all over.

So the next logical step will be for him to announce that due to the dire situation posed by all those rapists from shit hole countries trying to rush our borders, he is canceling the election in 2020 and will continue to rule until he deems that all is safe or his family has looted all they can from the Treasury.

You want to know why you haven’t seen Melania in a month? It’s because even she’s too embarrassed by her husband to stand by his side anymore. She’s an immigrant who feels more strongly about protecting our democracy than that POS currently sullying the White House.

Sad. Scary and sad. Goodbye, America. We hardly know you.