So the media’s the enemy

So according to the Big Orange Pile of Creamsickle Goo, America’s biggest enemy is the Fake News Media. In case you’re wondering how you know the news is fake, it’s easy. If it’s not Sean Hannity, it’s fake. And it’s America’s enemy because it insists on pointing out when the emperor has no clothes on… and given our would-be emperor, who the hell would ever want to see that.

Ok, so let’s see where this brilliant idea leads us. The media is the enemy. So let’s destroy the enemy by constantly questioning everything it writes or says… even when it’s merely quoting something you said earlier and asking if you stand by it.

Destroying trust in the media in a democracy is the first step towards a dictatorship in which the only thing we can, or allowed to, believe is what comes out of the mouth of the Ultimate Leader.

Orange Goo is trying to drag us there by constantly dumping on any media that isn’t Fox News. And, quite honestly, a couple of those people at Fox seem to have caught on the Goo’s lies and perversions and are now questioning him. So the only really honest news outlet left in his mind is Sean Hannity. When you hear Hannity say it at night and Goo tweet it in the morning, you have to wonder when we elected Hannity to be president. On the other hand, I have to question how we elected Goo to that office so I guess there are a lot of questions.

The bottom line is that unless we have a free and independent press that can hold politicians’ feet to the fire and keep them at least a little honest, we can kiss our way of life goodbye and learn how to say, “Of course, comrade leader”, in Russian and Korean.