Alaska’s Markie Mark – an ego that just won’t quit

Mark Begich threw his hat into the gubernatorial race here in Alaska claiming that clamoring voices have been begging him to run. Really? Clamoring voices? People urging you to run? Aside from your family who want you out of the house, exactly who were these people? The three Democrats in Alaska?

Bill Walker has been a good and decent governor. He walked a middle line, something almost impossible in today’s bifurcated world. He made tough decisions with no muss, no fuss and no drama. Again, I certainly don’t agree with him on everything he believes or does. But I’ve lived through a lot of Alaska governors and I’ve got to say that Walker is better than most and exactly what we need right now. He answers to neither the right nor left. He answers to his conscience and this state and its needs.

You know that saying, if all sides are a little pissed at you, you must be doing something right. Well, I realize that the far right fringe of the Alaska Republican Party, as exemplified by Alaska’s Senate, is way pissed off but that’s just because Walker is a strong wall that stands firm against some of the more outrageous demands of their industry overlords. And for god’s sake, he just cut KABATA out of the budget. For that alone he deserves another four terms.

So I am beyond angry at Mark Begich for jumping into this race because his ego simply couldn’t stand the idea of being out of the spotlight anymore. He is handing a victory to possibly one of the most far right wingnuts in Alaska… and that’s saying a lot!

Get out, Mark! Get out of the race and let Walker finish what he started. Don’t be the spoiler. Don’t be an ass. For once, think of Alaska and not just your need for attention and the spotlight.