Orange Goo should be scaring the crap out of us all

That melted pile of Creamsickle goo in the White House has now called Kim Jung Un a funny, nice person who is a great leader whose people respect him and sit up straight for him when he speaks. Yep. That’s right. A man who murders his family, puts anyone who doesn’t act exactly as he demands into gulags where, if they don’t die, he kills them before they can leave. His people are REQUIRED to attend every event and are REQUIRED to smile and clap and be happy. If they aren’t, there are plenty of fellow citizens who have been raised knowing that if they turn their neighbor in for not smiling, they may get an extra ration of rice that day.

This POS praises Putin and Kim Jung Un as powerful leaders, ignoring the fact that their power is totally dependent on crushing any and all signs of democracy or dissent. So one has to wonder if this is what he wants – a country full of people who must bow when he walks by, sit up when he speaks and accept the casual disappearance of friends and family who have expressed dissenting opinions from his administration.

You think I’m exaggerating? Obama made a slight bow to a mid-eastern potentate and got totally slammed by the right. POS salutes a murderous Korean military man and the right doesn’t blink an eye. So maybe this is what the right wants. Maybe this is what Republicans have come to accept as the future. A future in which POS is king, all dissent is quashed, every teacher in every school has a gun and all blacks, browns, yellows and… oh hell, why not… women with careers are sent back to where they came from.

Yep, America. Bow down low to your new imperial leader.