Big whoop

Yeah, I’m glad Creamsickle Goo is going to sign an order stopping the separation of children and parents at the border. But don’t ask me to give him credit for undoing a despicable act that he initiated in the first place. Realistically, I think we can all agree he is not signing this for humanitarian reasons. He did it because his party was already bleeding from his actions in the upcoming midterms and this was just turning that bleed into an arterial gush.

So the next question is clearly what about the over 2000 children already taken from their parents and put in Trump cages. Will they be returned to their parents? Will they be sent to farms in the south and west to do the work the now absent migrant farmers have done in the past? Will they simply be forgotten like the people we keep in cages in Guantanamo? Will they ever be able to look at America again and not feel the kind of hate and anger that leads to planes being flown into buildings?

We worry about our national security while taking actions that worsen it by creating a new generation of people who hate America and all that it stands for. In this case, sadly, they no longer are angry about our democracy or freedoms. They hate us for the nazi like horrors we visited on them when they were children simply following where their parents went.

Congratulations, POS. You have guaranteed people will hate us for at least another generation to come.