Something we have in common with Russia

No, it’s not having a strong leader. Their leader is a despot who kills at will regardless of national boundaries. America’s current occupant in the White House is a bragadocious bully who would run from the first sign of any physical confrontation and then claim he won by a knockout.  No, here’s what we have in common with the majority of Russians:

“The poll by Russian Public Opinion Research Center concluded that only 10 percent of respondents have a favorable view of Trump, 20 percent had no opinion on the matter while 71 percent had an unfavorable view on the US president.

Seventy-seven percent said the viewed Trump as “self-centered,” and 58 percent think he is dangerous while only 16 percent called him “trustworthy.”

In a country run by a former KGB official who has no compunction about poisoning people he doesn’t like in other countries, murdering journalists who oppose him and… oh yeah, disappearing or arresting people who oppose him politically… in a country run by someone that scary, the POS currently destroying America’s reputation throughout the world is viewed as untrustworthy and self centered. Do you realize just how bad you have to be to get those results in a Russian poll.

Of course, there is always the chance that this “poll” is just Putin managing the news by humiliating Orange Goo before his visit there. Or maybe for once both the pollsters and the people got it right. POS is a self centered asshole who thinks he can bully the world into doing what he wants because he has the biggest military. Thankfully for us, the rest of the free world is not buying his bag of shit. I’m guessing neither is Putin, thought it’s doubtful Old Bonespurs will notice. He’ll be too busy thinking he’s winning while the Russian bear eats him for breakfast and belches him out before lunch.

I wonder if the reason for the private meeting is that they want to watch the peepee tape together while mutually pleasuring each other?