The real reason for Brett Kavanaugh

We are all so busy being focused on the threat to Roe v Wade that we are totally missing the real reason that the Orange Goo has selected Kavanaugh. It’s because he doesn’t think sitting presidents should be held accountable by law other than impeachment. So no indictments while in office. How convenient for that melted pile of goo. Even if the Mueller investigation finds him criminally liable… and we all know that it will inevitably do that… Orange Goo can simply thumb his nose at the American people and our rule of law. He will finally have become the dictator he’s always wanted to be because, let’s face it, there isn’t a Republican in Congress who has the spine to stand up to him.

And speaking of spineless Republicans, let’s talk Lisa who seems to have a spine that grows back periodically when her Republican overlords tell her she can have one. We all know our other senator is a lost cause. The Republicans tell him to jump and he’s in the air before they finish speaking. Lisa kinda does the same thing but on a much sneakier level. She waits to jump until they say how high. By then, out minuscule attention span is no longer paying attention and we don’t notice.

So while Lisa’s vote may say everything about her support for Roe v Wade and the right of women to make choices for their own bodies (I’m guessing she’ll remain folded like a clean sheet in a linen closet on this issue while voting for the man who will overturn it and return us to the delightful days of back alley abortions), it says even more about her disdain for the rule of law in our land.

Welcome to the new America… if you are rich and powerful, you will never pay a price for what you’ve done. And if you have Lisa as your senator, she’ll always vote to back you up and forgive you your transgressions… so long as it means she can keep her seat of power.