It’s the pardons, stupid

While we are all busy being amused by the shiny lights glittering in the sky – you know, the ones only Orange Goo could see while everyone else was looking the other way – anyhow, we are all so busy with the lights and bells and whistles that we are missing the true story here. And the true story is the story of the pardons.

POS is not pardoning all these people because he gives a crap about them. Giving a crap would involve compassion and empathy, both of which were obviously left out of his DNA. No, he is doing this for one main reason – he is signaling all those people who have been indicted in the Mueller probe to not worry. They will never spend a day in jail. Their lives and reputations might end up in ruins, but he’ll pardon them so they won’t go to jail.

His base is obviously thrilled with his moves because, after all, a base that believes so strongly in law and order that it approves of separating families, is a base that will be thrilled when THEIR lawbreakers are let off the hook.

Yep, keep them brown kids locked up in cages but let those white men go free.

So it’s not about the pee-pee tape or his incoherent bully babble at NATO or his pussy grabbing or racist advisors. It’s about the pardons that he will give to all his cohorts and, ultimately, to himself.

Welcome to the new America where the laws only apply to those too poor to be buds with the rich and powerful.