I don’t usually endorse a candidate but…

I make my views on politics known with little attempt to disguise or otherwise obfuscate my feelings about certain topics. But I don’t often endorse a candidate publicly. That’s about to change. There are three candidates running for office that deserve to be elected or re-elected to public office. All three are independent of either of the two major political parties in America today. Maybe that’s why I like them.

First, those deserving of re-election: Governor Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott. Walker has done an amazing job in the face of a recalcitrant legislature that refused to handle our financial meltdown in a mature and adult manner. The legislature seemingly refused to balance the budget in any way suggested by the majority of economists who investigated our financial problems. Either raise taxes or tap the PFD, these experts said. No way, said our do-nothing legislature. We can neither tax our industry overlords or piss off our constituents. So they went with a third option – do nothing and pray to god for another boom which they would try not to waste as quickly while mouthing platitudes about cutting budgets that were already bare boned. Walker was clearly the only adult in the room and took the steps needed to bring our budget into balance. He’s worked hard for this state and has remained, as he promised, more independent than most from the influence of either party. Do I like all his decisions? Hell no. But I like an honorable man with the balls to get the job done and that is Bill Walker. (Note to Mark Begich – go away!)

Second is Alyse Galvin. She is running for the seat of that great white ghost Don Young. I understand that Don does occasionally drop in to Alaska but us common folks are rarely granted a meeting with the royal one except during election years. He is busy with his wealthy donors, some of whom may actually be from Florida. Don Young has never once put out a statement concerning the head of his party and his actions over the past year. Where was Don’s outrage over separating children from their parents? Surely that should have hit home given his purported concern for Alaska Natives who watched their children being ripped from them. And where was his outrage when the leader of his party stood next to a murderous dictator and told the world he believed him over our intelligence community? Where was Don’s statement when that same leader of his party claimed there were good people on both sides when one side consisted of neo-Nazis and racists? Is this really what we want representing us? Nope, give me Alyse any day.  Fresh face. Fresh ideas. Actually committed to Alaska and its future. Good ideas on everything from education to health care to business. And not beholding to any of the two major political parties in America today. Go to her Facebook page to learn more at

Above all else, vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Write it on your forehead. Write it on your hand. Etch it into your bathroom mirror. Leave a note on your coffee pot. Do whatever is necessary to remember to vote. Early voting starts in about a week. Take advantage and get your vote in early. Remember, use it or lose it. And it feels right now like it’s slipping away.