When you’re not getting enough attention

So this is what I’ve figured out about pretty ladies who get photographed with their asses and tits showing… my mother was right. They are just looking for attention.

I say this because it seems as though every time the spotlight drifts from one of the young women who seem to feel it should always be on them, they go naked in one way or another to pull it back. Miley Cyrus wears an outfit that shows her ass. One of the innumerable and hard to differentiate Kardashian’s wears an outfit that all but has bells and whistles pointing to her totally exposed vagina. And breasts – Holy Crap on a Cracker – how can anyone protest a woman breastfeeding a baby in public when these shameless whores walk down the red carpet with their nipples barely covered. And if they are covered, it’s a see through covering.

If they had any true talent, they wouldn’t have to do that.

Aren’t those expensive designers worried that they will sew themselves out of business by making clothes that are less and less material and more and more glue and air? And we seem in some cases to just be deleting the glue altogether so that things can fall where they may and it’s called a nip slip.

Yep, I know I’m old. And I’m guessing young people have a different attitude towards nudity on the red carpet than I do. But I would love to see the return of clothing that let you dream of Prince Charming sweeping you away and less clothing that makes you worry about the pervert behind you.