It is just too exhausting

The media causes wars and divides people? According to the latest from Tweedle Dee, the only person you can trust is him. And that’s creates a difficulty since he lies every time he opens his mouth and the “fake news” usually has video and audio to back that up. So the only media organization that fits POS’ definition of the media as warmongers is Fox “News”.

And on that note, it’s a windy, grey day in Anchorage with summer definitely on the wane and the cool breezes of fall already being felt. I’m going to go visit an old friend in a nursing home and then come back and do the NYT crossword puzzle in the paper. And if that last part makes me an elitist – well, yea for me. I’d rather be an elitist than a brainless Trumpbot who actually believes he’s not mentally ill because they are so full of ignorance and hate, they can’t see the truth.

Happy Sunday.