For me, there is no middle ground

Pundits say we need to separate the political from the personal, especially in today’s toxic atmosphere. But here’s the thing. I can’t. The POS currently sullying the White House has so offended every moral fiber of my being that anyone who still supports him is not someone I want to spend any time with. Don’t care about their perspective. Don’t want to hear their point of view. Doesn’t matter if this POS has fulfilled every one of their warped visions for a new whiter America. Don’t care if the fucker cured cancer at this point. He is such a vile, immoral and disgusting human being that for me, there is no middle ground now and there never will be.

The man currently pretending to lead this country is a coward, a sociopath, an egotist, a thief, a serial philanderer and illiterate. Nothing he can do or say makes him a person anyone with morals or ethics should possibly be able to support.

So if you still support him… if you think anything he does is even slightly for the good of this country… if you honestly believe that keeping asbestos legal and thinking it’s California’s fault that rivers run to the ocean are acceptable in a president of this great country, then you should probably seek help or medication or both. But stay away from me.