Is it wrong to laugh

Those poor, sad racists. They were so afraid of the opposition that they forgot to show up on Sunday for their big rally.

Says something about them, doesn’t it, when they have the biggest advantage they’ve ever had since the Ku Klux Klan fell out of favor in the 60s and they are still too drunk or embarrassed to show up. They have a supporter in the White House and an entire TV channel dedicated to their message. And they are still too afraid of how ugly and hateful their message is to appear in public two years in a row propounding it.

But don’t celebrate yet. They haven’t gone away. They’ve just gone back to their hiding holes like all weaselly and disgusting forms of life. From the safety of their compounds, they will create hate through the web. But that’s the only way they are willing to spread their hate even when they have the powers that be supporting their hideous agenda.

Racists and white supremacists too chicken shit to come out into the light of day and face their opponents like real men and women. Yep. Chicken shits. I’m not at all surprised. Being cowardly is their calling card. They strike with hoods on their heads so they can’t be seen. They carry Tiki torches and look like a scene that was cut from Young Frankenstein. If it wasn’t so horribly ugly and nasty, it would actually be even funnier.