Give me a break

The same POS who claimed a man held prisoner and tortured for over five years in Vietnam is not a hero never went to war because of his bone spurs. Jesus H Christ. What an unmitigated asshole. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. What a tiny, tiny penis he must have if the only way he can feel manly is by taking down a real man.

OK, let’s be straight here. John McCain is responsible for Sarah Palin and all the horrors that have followed that choice. We’ve been forced to deal with unwed mothers, alcohol fueled rages, inane news interviews and – for Alaskans especially – a strong desire to ship Sarah to any other state that will take her. I get that. Sarah was not his finest hour. It was, in fact, very likely his worse hour. I hold him completely to blame for this blight on our nation. And I don’t agree with most of his political positions.

But all that does not negate the fact that he was a prisoner, he was given a chance at release and refused to go without his men, and came through it with his honor and dignity intact. If POS ever had any honor or dignity – and facts would suggest he doesn’t now and never did – but if he did, it would lay in shatters around him as he destroys the country for which McCain fought and suffered.

So while POS may not consider this man a war hero, it is only because his brain is not big enough or bright enough to understand what being a hero really means. If I can explain it to him in the simplest of terms – it means not having daddy use his pull to get you out of serving your country through the use of a diagnosis as bullshit as bone spurs. A real man would have either gone to serve or declared himself a conscientious objector and taken the consequences like so many of my generation did. Or he could have defected to Canada which would have made him Trudeau’s problem. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful? Sigh. A woman can dream, can’t she?