Another day, another shooting. Yawn…

There’s been another mass shooting in Florida. Hey, wake up! I know this is boring and repetitive but we need to at least pretend we care enough about mass shooting victims to stay awake while their story is told.

So, of course, I send out my thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families. Gag. I mean, seriously, gag! How can we keep saying that over and over again and not think that at some point it loses its validity if it is not backed by action. And it’s not.

The majority of Americans claim to want stricter gun regulations. The majority of Americans do not agree with the extreme stance of the NRA, which is, let’s be honest here, nothing more than a front for gun and bullet manufacturers. The majority of Americans say they want changes. And then they vote for the same old tired people to go back to Congress who will not do anything but be the same bitch they have always been for the NRA.

Don’t you get it yet? The NRA owns these people. Owns them lock, stock and barrel. Owns them so bad that even when one of their own gets shot during a baseball game, they can’t find the balls to do anything but – wait for it – offer their thoughts and prayers.

School has started. We’ve already had our first school shooting of the year. There will be more. And come the midterms, when you are in that voting booth, remember that if your candidate protected the NRA last time around, they’ll do the same this time. And then consider maybe,  just maybe, voting for someone who doesn’t have the NRA brand stamped on their ass.