I wonder when it happened

Watching the frightening idiocy coming out of the White House to the dead silence of the Republican Party, I have to wonder if they just accidentally lost their spines or had them surgically removed so they could make it through this presidency. This “family values” party, this party of “Christian conservatives”, this party of ” fiscal responsibility” is now sitting silent as their putative leader violates every tenet they ever claimed to hold sacred.

For me, one of the most outrageous actions is their attempt to pass another tax cut bill as federal employees are denied a pay raise due to the size of the deficit. Hmmm… I wonder how that deficit got so big so fast?

Oh yeah, all those millions in tax cuts given to billionaires that was supposed to go back into the economy through increased wages and jobs for regular people has, instead, gone into things like stock buy backs and investments that are making the rich richer and the poor – well, the poor are being joined daily by many who were in the middle class not all that long ago. But when you have to give up your annual raise to pay for that fifth yacht for Betsy DeVos, well, you can’t give raises to anyone, can you?

The poorest states contain the poorest and most uneducated people in America. That’s where you find Trump’s support is still strongest. I guess ignorance is bliss given that they have yet to figure out he is all hot orange air and no actual action that will make their lives better. I see pictures of some of his supporters and have to wonder if evolution can go backwards as well as forwards.

I have never pretended to share Republican values or outlooks. And now I know why. It was all just a sham. All just a smoke screen for the only thing that apparently really matters to them – making themselves and their rich buddies richer.

So if you’re looking for real patriotism, forget football players kneeling, standing or bouncing during the national anthem. Try instead looking for a Republican Party that finds its spine and denounces the POS that is leading this country on a destructive and divisive path towards racism and a two tier society – the rich and the rest of us who stand by their table hoping for the scraps.