Nancy Pelosi

I may not be her biggest fan. And there are certainly a lot of people on both sides of the aisle who find her difficult and demanding. But here’s the thing. If she were a man who had just achieved a success that hadn’t been achieved in over sixty years by being tough and demanding, that man would be called a leader – someone who didn’t back down from a challenge. But because she’s a woman, it is somehow unseemly.

I understand the Dems who opposed her, who want a generational change in leadership. I’m just not sure this is the time to do that. The Dems, who are infamous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, need someone with experience, knowledge of how the game is played, and the guts to play it better than the boys. That person is Pelosi. It’s why the Rs hate her so much. If she was ineffective, they wouldn’t give a crap.

Let me also add that she is 78, more than a bit older than me, and gives me hope for the future. Right now I’m feeling worn out and tired. But I look at her and think that if I just get my act together, there can be lots of good years ahead.

So no, I don’t always agree with Pelosi and her personality is such that she would probably never be my best friend. But she is the best for the position of House Speaker that she has just regained. So if you find her abrasive or difficult to handle, just imagine she’s a guy and you will suddenly find yourself admiring her chutzpah and fight.