And the race for worse human of the day comes down to…

I know. It wasn’t hard to guess who the two contenders are – Donald Trump Jr. (the turd that fell from daddy’s butt) or Ted Cruz (who looks and acts like a turd from someone’s butt). Here’s today’s entries in their competition to be two of the worse people on earth who aren’t big pharma executives.

First, Turd Jr. He is publicly mocking a woman who has disclosed allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh by posting a made up letter online and calling her a liar. The fact that she took a lie detector test and passed doesn’t factor into his thoughts. The fact that there are others who corroborate her statements means nothing to him. This is perhaps because he is so busy with his whores that he doesn’t understand there are women in this world who don’t get paid for sex and who have a right to say no and have that response respected. Again, for Turd Jr. this must be a hard concept as daddy’s money has bought him everything he’s wanted his entire life. Only thing it hasn’t been able to buy him is respectability, decency, morals or ethics.

And speaking of those deficiencies, I give you Lying Ted Cruz, a man whose campaign is sending out campaign donation letters deliberately made to look as though they are official government summons. This is actually illegal in Texas. It is also immoral and ethically challenged. If you can’t ask people for money to support you, getting that money by fooling people into thinking they will be arrested if they don’t send the money is just wrong. And while many adults in Texas are, I’m sure, able to read and comprehend the falseness of this mailing, many others will inadvertently respond. I’d say shame on you, Ted Cruz, but clearly this man has no sense of shame in him.

So you get to pick. Which is the worse human of the day? I’d have to say that I am honestly torn between the two and would like to declare it a tie. But let’s hear your arguments for one or the other. I can be swayed.