A simple solution

So the screams and cries and angst over the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court reaches yet another level of anxiety and concern. Did he or didn’t he try to rape a girl in high school.

For those of you who think that this should not be an issue because it happened so long ago, do you really want your argument to be aligned with that of the Catholic Church over its sex abuse scandals?

OK, here’s the thing. This appointment is for life. So doesn’t it make sense to hold off on any vote until we are absolutely sure this allegation has no merit? What is the problem with doing that?

I get that Republicans might be a little nervous about their ability to get the votes needed for Kavanaugh if they wait long enough for some of their more reasonable colleagues to change their minds on him. But once he’s seated on that court, he is basically impervious to any and all attempts to remove him. I realize there is a mechanism in place to do it but it has never been used. And it involves not only the House impeaching the Justice, but then the Senate has to hold a trial and get a two-thirds vote to remove him or her.

We currently have a Congress that can’t muster enough votes to decide what to have for lunch. I highly doubt that if they seat Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court that they will ever bestir themselves to impeach him no matter what he does.

So explain to me why we have to have this vote immediately? Why can’t we wait until he’s thoroughly vetted? The Rs had no problem waiting months when Obama was in office to even bother to vet his nominee so it is clearly not as though they think they need this seat filled so the court can function well.

Again I ask – Lisa, Dan, Don – why the hell is it so important to rush this through?