I am so surprised

POS sullying the White House thinks Kavanaugh will make a great Supreme Court justice. Hmmm… this wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they are both serial sexual abusers who have gotten away with their actions with no consequences so far, would it?

Meanwhile, it being the weekend, on a lighter note I want to clarify some things about my home and what is and isn’t allowed in it.

For starts, if you are not dishwasher safe, you are not welcome in my cupboards. I have cake plates from my mother’s house with gold rim that aren’t dishwasher safe. My sister saw me washing them by hand one day and asked why. When I told her, she asked me if I really gave a damn if the gold rim was washed off when I died. I didn’t. They now go in the dishwasher.

Secondly, if you are too snooty to go in the wash with everything else in the dirty clothes hamper, you are not welcome in my closet or on my body. I do not need any clothes in my closet that are snobbier than me. So you can either be washed on a regular warm/cold cycle and dried on hot air or you should find someplace else to live.

Last but not least, I am absolutely serious when I say that my dogs are more important than any given human being in my life. Your only appropriate response on meeting them is to swoon and exclaim that you’ve never seen or met dogs quite so wonderful in your entire life. Flinch from them in any way and you can flinch on out the door.

OK, happy weekend. I’m going to listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and then have an afternoon nap. Hope your Saturday is just as fine.