Sports, exercising and dangers

Football – Traumatic Brain Injury

Soccer – same plus interesting leg bruises

Karate – kick injuries to growing bodies that result in pain and problems by the time they are 20

Basketball – becoming unhealthily obese when career ends because you still eat as much as you used to when playing

Baseball  – hit in head with bat, arm that is permanently injured from throwing, crotch destroyed by low ball

Golf – one hit by a golf ball and it is coma city

Biking – ego injury resulting from anyone seeing you in spandex

Walking/running – pulled hamstring, attacks by hawks guarding their nests, pissed moose chasing you (those last two may just be Alaska things)

Snertz – broken hand bones (and everyone in Utqiagvik knows what I’m talking about here)

Bridge – painful paper cuts from plastic cards

Reading – see Bridge except from turning pages

Napping a lot – Bingo! we have a winner. No injuries and I’m already at an Olympic level of play.

Feel free to add any I’ve missed.


One thought on “Sports, exercising and dangers”

  1. Sonya Rogers says:

    I remember a few sore hands from playing Snertz with a few people. Yes, I excel at napping , could probably get first place in thus activity

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