Prepare for the revolution

Not since the 60s, the heyday of my youth and the Vietnam War, have I been so ready to participate in open revolution in the streets. We have a POS in the White House who mocks women who have been sexually assaulted, as well as war heroes, handicapped reporters, and a family who lost a son to the never ending wars of the Middle East (that we will only be allowed to pull totally out of once the munition makers have ALL the money in the world). If fundamental Christians are looking for signs of the Apocalypse, look no further, it is here.

Don’t worry, Evangelicals – abortion will soon again be illegal and women will go back to dying in back rooms and dirty alleys, just like you want. And birth control will continue to be difficult to get covered by insurance so we can be sure there will be a steady stream of victims for those back alley abortionists. Because, you know, life is sacred right until it comes out of the womb. Then it’s all on the woman because dad is probably somewhere enjoying a beer with his friends on the Supreme Court.

And now it looks as though the man who loves beer so much his testimony in front of the Senate could be used as a Budweiser commercial is going on the Supreme Court because the old white men who control our government really don’t give a rat’s patootie about women, the environment, decency, any level of judicial temperament or putting an alcoholic on the Supreme Court so long as he votes their way.

It is time to rise up and roar. It is time to take to the streets and let those old men know they don’t represent us, they don’t speak for the majority of Americans and their time in power is rapidly running out.

If we don’t take them down in November with our vote, then I guarantee we will soon be taking them down in the streets.

Viva La Revolution!