Lisa – why I’m not impressed

Lots of controversy is surrounding Lisa Murkowski and her speech on the Senate floor concerning Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Seems like everyone is mad at her… kind of. So let me start by saying the people making death threats, claiming she should be raped, or trashing her home are all the worse of Americans and should be in those cages we now have little children in at the border.

However, having said that, I have to state that I am not in the crowd of admirers singing the praises of her courage in defying her party. From where I sit, it looks more like a politically calculated move to get the most bang for her bucks while not endangering the outcome in any way. She got to make what was admittedly one helluva speech on the Senate floor at a time when that speech wasn’t going to make the slightest difference.

Now if Lisa had come out when that sham FBI investigation was announced and denounced it for the cover up that it was – or if she had come out and exposed the hypocrisy of an investigation in which the White House called the shots on who got interviewed – or if she had objected to keeping the report private so that no one outside of partisan senators had either the time or access to review it – had she done any of these things leading up to the vote, then maybe she could have made a difference. Maybe her courage would have stiffened the backbones of some other wavering senators. But she didn’t.

Lisa waited until the clock was striking 11:59 to make her stand. Too little. Too late. The speech was a nice piece of showmanship but that’s about it. She got kudos for being “courageous” and Kavanaugh got his seat on the Supreme Court. Win-win for Republicans. Lose-lose for America.