How can anyone still deny climate change?

OK, I understand that the people still denying climate change are conservative Republicans who also believe that Noah saved all the animals by putting them on a boat – though I’ve never heard an explanation of how he got the T Rex on there – unless god let the T Rex die because he was bad. I have also always wondered how we re-peopled the whole earth from the few people allowed on the boat. And if it’s true that it happened that way, then didn’t god direct Noah to save Asians and Africans and Indians as well as Caucasians? And housed them all on the same small boat for forty days and forty nights? I’m guessing that’s where the first mixed race kid came from because, you know, it’s not like they had Candy Crush to keep them amused.

Anyhow, that’s getting off topic. The topic is how can anyone look at those pictures of the Florida Panhandle and question whether something horrible isn’t happening to our earth. I realize the scientific consensus around the world is not enough to convince the ignorant. I realize the huge storms coming one right after the other, the fires taking down half a state, the blizzards that seem to be never ending – none of this scares them because they are too ignorant to be scared.

Or is it that conservatives simply don’t care because they got theirs and they don’t give a shit if their children and grandchildren have to live in a hell on earth later to pay for what they are enjoying now.

We are all going to live and die on this earth together – whether wealthy or poor, white or black, male or female, young or old. We are destroying the earth with our greed and pollution and sooner rather than later the earth will rebel in a way that will cause us all to cower in fear and whimper.

But not to worry for tomorrow – the POS in the White House has been busy undoing dozens of environmental safeguards put in place by previous administrations – thanks, Obama, for trying to save us but really, dude, you were doing it at the expense of some CEO’s third beach home. Not cool. Anyhow, POS is saving us from clean air, clean water and a future for our children by making sure that today’s uber rich get even richer at the expense of our planet.

Hope our children and grandchildren understand that lining grandpop’s pockets with ever larger layers of cash was more important than passing on a livable world to them. It’s the least they can do for the old folks.