Keeping us off balance

So the Twitterverse is alive with tweets about the fact that the POS currently sullying the White House didn’t hold an umbrella over his wife’s head in the rain. And Senator Warren and the POS are having a feud over whether he owes a charitable donation because she’s proven she has Native American ancestry in her background. Headlines are made about the most inane and stupid things while the real issues are in the background – complicated, needing thoughtful exploration, possibly life changing for this planet and its people.

The world no longer looks to us for leadership. China and Russia are taking over that role in Third World countries. Haven’t seen many headlines or Twitterverse controversies over that, but it should scare us.

POS is overturning every environmental regulation he can get his hands on based, apparently, on his theory that we party today because we will be devastated tomorrow but that doesn’t matter because it’s our kids who will have to deal with it.

States across the nation are revoking voting privileges based on the slimmest to no evidence in order for Republicans to maintain power.

The country is represented by people in Congress who don’t look like the majority of us and don’t think the way the majority of us think.

The rich are getting obscenely richer while our national debt rises to astronomical heights, all brought to you by Republicans, the part of fiscal responsibility.

But none of this gets the attention that a lapsed umbrella protocol raises.

And we wonder why we are losing so badly.