Can you say Governor Dunleavy without barfing?

Because you should probably get used to it. Given the debacle of the Walker campaign and the general disgust at Begich’s naked grasp for power and the spotlight at any cost, I think Dunleavy can start measuring the Governor’s House for new curtains now.

I hesitate to write anything about Byron Mallot since so little is known about what happened that caused the resignation. But I do know the MeToo movement is both to blame and not to blame for it. The MeToo movement is probably the only reason that Mallot felt he needed to resign for whatever it was he did. Before the movement, it would have just been swept under the proverbial carpet. On the other hand, MeToo did not force Mallot to make inappropriate comments that were inappropriate enough to cause him to resign and drop out of a race three weeks before election day. And I really think if the full story were told, we’d find those inappropriate comments were really, really inappropriate because no one walks away from his campaign this close to the finish line unless his behavior was so egregious that the campaign couldn’t risk it coming out right before we voted.

Remember what happened to Hillary when an email dump was made public right before election day? Yeah, I think Walker was trying to avoid that scenario by confronting it and putting it behind him. Sadly, so long as Mark Begich’s ego keeps him in the race, this will simply not be enough to get Walker a second term. Quite frankly, Dunleavy can take a vacation for the next three weeks and watch from some warm beach as Begich and Walker hand him the election. Sad. So very, very sad.

And so the question that must inevitably be asked is, “What the hell was Mallot thinking?” Anyone who thinks they have a viable answer to that, please feel free to post it. I’d love to know why this apparently intelligent man who has been in the public eye for so many years decided to choose this time and place to be a douche. Why, Byron? Why?