Other people and other things Trump found in the caravan

POS seems to be solving all kinds of mysteries with his secret intel on just who is in the caravan heading to America’s southern border. Here are just a few of the people and things he’s found there…

Amelia Earhart – yep, that mystery is finally solved. She may be old but she’s still feisty.

The Bermuda Triangle – turns out it’s just a group of college students holding up a wavy blue towel to look like the ocean without the ship that was there a minute ago.

Carmen Miranda – well, this was pretty much a given, right?

All the lost dryer socks – they’re coming home to reunite with their mates. Thank god.

America’s dignity – it’s doing its best to make a comeback. Thought sneaking in through a crowd at the border would work.

Lost Boys – Peter’s on his own now.

DB Cooper – look it up.

Jimmy Hoffa – but he would prefer to still keep a low profile – you know, just in case.

Whew. Thank god POS’ sleuthing ability is as sharp and honed as his intelligence, honesty and morality.

One thought on “Other people and other things Trump found in the caravan”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    I LOVED it!! I’m a little surprised he didn’t get a surprise in the mail, oh wait he is not a democrat. tsk.

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