Robert Di Nero – really?

So now we pick on actors. That’s what America has come to. The man who went from The Godfather to Meet the Fockers gets a bomb mailed to him. How lame is that?

Look, haters. This is America in 2018. You need to get some better brains in on your schemes because they are juvenile and suck. Who sends a bomb to former presidents without realizing that all their mail is first checked at a site away from the residences? Are these bombers truly too stupid to understand that or too illiterate to read about their security? Or are they hoping to kill average Americans in a mail room for some bizarre, twisted reason.

The America I once knew is truly gone. It has been replaced by blinding rage and hate on the part of those fun “nationalists” that the POS currently sullying the White House so proudly proclaims he is proud to be.  I long for the day when Hispanics and African-Americans and every other color but white outnumber Caucasians in the census and take power. I know I’ll feel safer when that happens. Because, quite honestly, most terrorist attacks in this country have been carried out by white men… from bombing Planned Parenthood clinics to bombing federal buildings to shooting up grade schools. And I’m willing to take bets these bombs will track back to some white nationalist hate group.

Who can blame me for longing for the day when white men are no longer in power in America?