The media is as much to blame

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see any coverage of another Donald Trump white racist rally. They are all the same. I’ve seen it before. And that POS revels in the publicity it gets him. So the question has to be asked: Why does the media still cover this shit?

I understand why Fox News covers it. They are the ones laying out the game plan that leads to all these rallies. Their puppet king is doing exactly what they tell him to do during the 8 hours a day he listens to them. But why does the rest of the media cover them? What’s the news value?

I’m guessing no one wants to miss the latest racist, hateful and misogynistic thing POS says because they make such good headlines. But honestly, we’ve heard it all before and we get it. He’s a pig. He’s a hater. He’s a “nationalist”. And every opportunity he gets to parade these qualities in front of a national audience, he does. And the louder the outrage, the more he eats it up.

So here’s an idea, media. Starve him of the oxygen he so clearly needs to survive. Stop covering these hate filled rallies. Stop covering him when he is making stupid suggestions (end a constitutional guarantee with an executive order anyone?). Fox will do that for you and honestly, the only people who want to hear that vomit coming out of his mouth are watching Fox anyway.

Get some balls here, mainstream media. Start covering reality and not the half baked fantasies being spewed for no other reason that to rile up the hideous group of deplorables called his base. Surely there are real stories out there that need to be covered. Do your job and go find them. Let Fox continue as his cheerleader. But don’t follow it. Be brave and walk your own path.

One thought on “The media is as much to blame”

  1. LaVerne H Smith says:

    so right. I’ve also said this on posts, no coverage those hateful rallies will stop. He feeds on the attention

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