Guns against rocks

I can’t believe that anyone who believes in America or our common humanity with the world is not horrified that the POS currently sullying the White House is stating that he will meet rock throwing with bullets. What the hell have we become?

These are asylum seekers walking – WALKING – thousands of miles to try and find some peace and freedom. How do we expect our soldiers to look at those unarmed people and fire their guns? How do we expect our soldiers to hold on to any hope of being honorable and decent human beings if ordered to fire on an unarmed crowd?

We should be at the border with water and food. We should take those families and offer them safe shelter and some modicum of civility. We should practice what all those assholes evangelicals claim to believe in. Christ surprisingly did not ask anyone’s nationality or beliefs before feeding them. He didn’t demand a citizenship card before calling for us to treat all strangers with love and compassion. He didn’t say greet rocks with bullets. He said to turn the other cheek.

I hope the young men and women sent to the border have the moral stamina to turn their backs on any orders to fire on an unarmed crowd. I hope our military doesn’t have to spend the next century explaining how they were only following orders. That didn’t work for Hitler’s army and it shouldn’t work for ours. Our military should be better than that.