If it were not so tragic…

If it were not so tragic and troubling, I’d laugh at all the information coming to light about POS’ pick for acting Attorney General of these United (almost) States. If you want to catch up on most of them in a fun way, check out Colbert’s monologue last night.

For sheer embarrassment on a global level, nothing beats having an acting attorney general who once shilled for a company that promised time travel, promoted the reality of Sasquatch and actually sold the concept of a deep toilet for men whose penises were 7 to 12 inches long. Quite frankly, I don’t know how that last one didn’t end up a best seller. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want that in their bathroom to impress their guests.

I thought it couldn’t get more scary in that White House but I am now realizing that we can’t ever relax and think that we hit rock bottom and POS couldn’t go any lower. Because, quite frankly, he always finds the trap door that allows him to sink even further into the morass.

And now POS is claiming that no one told him he’d get bad press if he didn’t go to that pesky war memorial in France – you know, the one every other European chief of state attended. Just how dumb is this guy – wait, don’t answer that. It’s too depressing. As for not showing up at Arlington on Veterans’ Day – well, I’m guessing that most soldiers there were relieved he didn’t debase their final resting place with his idiocy.  They died to keep our country free. They died to stop the Nazis. So you can see where they might object to being “honored” by a man who has proclaimed that there are good people on both sides even though one side is full of neo-Nazis.

I hope POS’ funk lasts until 2020. If he never comes out of the White House purporting to represent the American people again, it’s the American people who will be the winners.

One thought on “If it were not so tragic…”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    Rudy will foam on command. I read that if the devil and God traded jobs, they would have to conform to the mission in order to get the job done. Same applies to the POTUS. We have a balance of power designed by the founding fathers . Be of eventual good cheer, mayhap an illness and this to will pass.

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