Friends in Alaska

Given how many of us come here from there, friends quickly become the family we left behind when we moved to Alaska. This results in the kind of friendships you rarely find anywhere else. The kind of friends who will always surround you and buffer you when needed. The kind of friends who will laugh at you when you are being ridiculous, laugh with you when your funny bone gets tickled and laugh at anyone who though they could get through them to hurt you. Yep, Alaska friends come in all shapes and sizes but the bottom line remains the same – they are always there for you.

Why am I writing this today? Because some days you just need to hear something nice that is also true. And this is the absolute truth – about friends I made forty years ago to friends I made twenty years ago to friends I made last year. I never feel alone in Alaska even though these friends know I like to be alone. And that’s the best of all.