His gut is certainly big enough

So POS thinks his gut has more intelligence than the scientists who study climate change. In fact, he apparently believes his gut is better than most people’s brains because that’s where he has located his intelligence cells.

His intelligence cells being directly attached to his intestines seems about right. And what comes out of the other end of those intestines when all those brain cells have been digested is even more appropriate. Because – and let’s be hones here – what comes out of his mouth sounds just like what comes out of his ass on most days.

If, in fact, POS really does have an intelligent gut – and given its size, you’d think it would have to have some important purpose in his life – then it is proof positive that a diet of cheeseburgers, fries and KFC creates intelligence out of his shit cells. Now there’s something science should study.

Remember, he’s not Jethro Gibbs.