If he had Pinocchio’s nose

If the POS currently sullying the White House had Pinocchio’s nose, he could singlehandedly reforest the world. I haven’t seen that much wood coming out of someone’s face since Bill Clinton claimed he never had sex with that lady. It’s pretty disgusting.

I think CNN did exactly the right thing in putting up a split screen while Sarah Fuckabee Sanders was giving her daily spew of propaganda. They used the split screen to point out every lie she told by posting the truth next to it. I think they should do that with POS. In fact, I think the media should do two things – one is to stop covering those damn rallies. Why give this asshole anymore free air time? I’d rather watch CSI reruns. And second is to always have a split screen when covering anything POS says so that the lies can be confronted as they spill from his hideous orange mouth and his nose grows bigger and bigger.

I realize this POS is diagnostically mentally ill on many fronts. He can’t tell truth from fiction. He can’t tell reality from what the voices in his head are saying. He can’t stay faithful to any wife he has. He can’t make money that hasn’t been ripped out of the hands of small companies that are now in bankruptcy thanks to their collaboration with him. His children are equally sleazy and shifty. I mean, seriously, would you buy a used car from any of them?

So the least the media can do as this travesty of an administration continues to take us down the yellow brick road to the fake wizard is to give us the truth next to his lies so we can at least make informed decisions for the future.

We have pulled back the curtain only to find that the emperor is naked – very, very naked. And particularly in this case, that’s a very ugly sight.