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I once did columns about the past year

When I wrote for the ADN, I usually did an end of the year column detailing those I thought deserved to be placed in the Infamy Hall of Fame. It was fun because back then we actually had a (somewhat) functioning and only slightly embarrassing federal government.

I thought about that today and realized that I could never do that column today because, honestly, it would take up four pages just listing POS’ idiocy and that of his sycophants. How would I choose who was so bad that they got voted into the permanent wing. I mean, we know POS is in there but who else in his orbit has been so egregiously horrible as to qualify? See how many names came immediately to mind. Kind of blows away the whole idea of permanent placement in the Infamy Hall of Fame when every person nominated seems as qualified as the last.

Part of me would like to start a Hall of Hysterically Funny Things and the first thing I’d put in there would be the meeting with Pelosi, Schummer and POS. That Pelosi didn’t walk out of that meeting and jump up into the air clicking her heels while screaming victory is amazing. Watching her play POS like a confused and unsympathetic child was the funniest moment of my year to date.

I know. I know. Cohen’s guilty plea should top that list. But we all knew that was coming. I mean, who didn’t know that he had the spine of a piece of jelly and would turn on POS as soon as it was clear that his buddy wasn’t going to come to his rescue with a pardon. And that wasn’t really funny as much as it was both pathetic and sad. I think in the future we will look at this as the beginning of a rapid descent in DC of anyone bearing POS’ name or connected to his administration.

So no more Hall of Infamy. This administration has made that whole concept redundant. And no Hall of Hysterically Funny Things because other than Pelosi’s victory lap, nothing really funny comes out of this administration. It’s all just still too scary.