I love my friends but…

People who love the Christmas holidays have a very difficult time with those of us who don’t. In their hearts they mean so very well. They keep giving Christmas decorations, Christmas stuffed toys, table top Christmas trees, Styrofoam candy canes – you name it and I promise you those of us who do not particularly like or celebrate this holiday have received it as a gift.

Most often this gift comes with the words, “You don’t have anything for Christmas in your house so I thought I’d give you a little something to put out.”

But here’s the thing. It’s not that I can’t afford Christmas decorations. It’s that I consciously choose to not decorate for Christmas because it is not a season that makes me jolly. I view it as a season I have to live through in order to get to my real fun holiday in Vegas in a few months.

So while I truly understand how hard this is for Christmas people – and yes, Christina Grace, I’m looking at you! – I feel it’s time for us non-Christmas people to stand up for our right to not get all worked up over this holiday. And to demand that all you Christmas people out there – and you know who you are – respect that right and not view us as some sort of hurt or sad critters who just need a little Christmas cheer. It was Christmas cheer that put us in this funk in the first place. It’s not the cure for us. The end of this season is the only cure.

Thank you all for listening. And have a happy holiday. Stay stoned. It helps.